We love brunch! From delicious eggs to French Toast, crispy bacon and pastries and of course, coffee! 

Fritatta, Italian-style omelette, with s
Healthy layered dessert with cream, mues
Nothing says brunch like Decorated Poach

Suggested Brunch Menus

30 person minimum 

Assorted Mini Bagels w/ 2 Schmear

Mini Muffins and & Cinnamon Buns
Fruit Salad

Rise & Shine

Two Egg Strata

Spinach, Sausage, Tomato, Cheddar-Jack, Baguette

Vegetable-Herb (zucchini, sweet pepper, broccoli) Mozzarella, Parmesan, Bread
Crispy Bacon Strips

Breakfast Potatoes
Fruit Salad
Assorted Mini Bagels & Muffins

Coffee/Tea Service

Orange & Apple Juices

Miscellaneous Breakfast Items

French Toast Casserole  

Yogurt Parfait Bar  

Breakfast Sausage 

Assorted Mini Bagels w/ Schmear

Smoked Salmon w/ Capers & Onion

Assorted Individual Yogurt Cups

Decorated Poached Salmon $199 each

2 sides of salmon, cucumber scales, tomato-cucumber salad, capers, lemon.  

Stack of bagels on white background .jpg